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  • Source of the Ganges
  • Source of the Ganges
  • Source of the Ganges

Source of the Ganges

Best Period - May - June end of Sep till October, From the end of June till mid-September is the rainy season.

15 Day's :
Delhi - Haridwar - Dehradun - Mussoorie - Uttrakashi - Harsil - Gangotri - Bojwasa - Gaumukh - Gangotri - Uttrakashi - Rishikesh - Delhi
  • Starts in : Delhi
  • Ends in : Delhi
  • Accommodation : Hotels, lodges and camping

Shri Gangotri Dham

Gangotri ('Ganga' + 'Uttari' which means descended) represents the most sacred place where the Ganges, the flow of life, touched the earth for the first time. It has become one of the holiest pilgrimage in Himlalaya. It contains a shrine dedicated to the Goddess which was built there 250 years ago by Amar Bahadur Thapa, a Gorkha leader. According to the tradition, the goddess Ganga, daughter of Heaven, manifested here in order to absolve the sins of the ancestors of King Bhagirath , after the latter performed intensive ascetic practices for many centuries. From this episode came the name of the river, Baghirathi, which is synonymous of Ganges during the first 100 km or so. Lord Shiva welcomed her into his hair to absorb the huge impact of the fall of the stream,, The pilgrimage to Gangotri extends itself up to Gaumukh , the physical source of the sacred river, 18km further at the foot of the Gangotri glacier. Many pilgrims trekking to the source offer their prayers there. The name Ganga is given later on after the river passes Devaprayag and merges into the river Alaknanda.

The geographical source of the sacred river Ganges, this spot of Gaumukh attracts tourists in large numbers every year during the Yatra (pilgrimage) season from May to October. Discover this out of the world natural beauty which is rare to find elsewhere. Along with the thrill of exploring nature in the outside world, one might well discover one's own inner self and nature in this magical land of spirituality.